A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK  Game Jam 2021 using Unity Engine 2020.3. 

Theme: Joined Together.

Your goal is to get these two climbers to their destination using teamwork.......and they are tied together by a rope. Enjoy this short and fun 2D platformer that utilizes a two controller scheme not unlike 'A Tale of Two Sons.' Enjoy all original music and sounds while you guide these two climbers to their destination.

This game was brought to you by:

  • Game/Level Designer - Raffaele Cardillo
  • Composer/Sound Designer - Sean Patrick Instagram
  • Developer - Michael Quinn

Dual controls, used together to get through the level. Keyboard tested. Gamepad has been configured but untested.

  • WASD - Movement of Player1
  • Arrow keys - Movement of Player2
  • Left Ctrl - Player 1 pulls in the rope
  • Right Ctrl - Player 2 pulls in the rope

Check us out at DirtyCookStudio.com


GMTK_Final.zip 128 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and open "GMTK2021.exe"

If Windows prompts with a "Windows protected you pc" click: "More info" and then click Run anyway

This game was made in Unity Engine 2020.3

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